The Miracles Of Menstruation

-Himadri Sharma

A girl walks in anxiety hiding her menstrual pain,
Nothing more deadly if you get a blood stain.
The body feels as if all parts are chained.
But its all worth
For the blessing it comes with, of becoming a mom,
The giggle of a child straight from the womb.

The endless warnings about not touching the pickle,
A tsunami in your abdomen creating ripples.
The act of openly buying a sanitary napkin,
Is termed an enormous sin.

Secluding a girl during her period,
Brainless myths being followed by the herd,
Its time you remember,
A flower only blooms when you nurture the bud.

Menstruation makes a woman no less a champ,
To all the haters, stop being a vamp,
Even a showstopper needs rest from the ramp,
The Women in whole wide world don’t need your stamp !!


BIO : I am Himadri Sharma, a storyteller by passion and a poet at heart. I aim to transform the world one poem at a time. I am a postgraduate in Mass Communication and belong from the queen of hills Shimla.


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