The Miracles Of Menstruation

FeaturedThe Miracles Of Menstruation

-Himadri Sharma

A girl walks in anxiety hiding her menstrual pain,
Nothing more deadly if you get a blood stain.
The body feels as if all parts are chained.
But its all worth
For the blessing it comes with, of becoming a mom,
The giggle of a child straight from the womb.

The endless warnings about not touching the pickle,
A tsunami in your abdomen creating ripples.
The act of openly buying a sanitary napkin,
Is termed an enormous sin.

Secluding a girl during her period,
Brainless myths being followed by the herd,
Its time you remember,
A flower only blooms when you nurture the bud.

Menstruation makes a woman no less a champ,
To all the haters, stop being a vamp,
Even a showstopper needs rest from the ramp,
The Women in whole wide world don’t need your stamp !!


BIO : I am Himadri Sharma, a storyteller by passion and a poet at heart. I aim to transform the world one poem at a time. I am a postgraduate in Mass Communication and belong from the queen of hills Shimla.


Sarkari CBFC and Sanskari Nihalani

FeaturedSarkari CBFC and Sanskari Nihalani

 –Meemansa Singh

We never fall short of those know it all’s- don’t do this, don’t do that- kinds of people in our respective lives, especially in India, where people never understand the concept of Live and Let Live. Currently in India the Censor Board or we can say Pahlaj Nihalani, the self-proclaimed Sanskari Baba, or ‘Censorkari’ we might say, has been playing the same role. Continue reading “Sarkari CBFC and Sanskari Nihalani”

A 14-Day Menstrual Marathon Is Happening In Kerala. Here’s Why It Matters!

A 14-Day Menstrual Marathon Is Happening In Kerala. Here’s Why It Matters!
It’s been a year since the Sustainable Menstruation Kerala Collective (SMKC) came together with various menstrual activists, educators, student volunteer networks (like The Red Cycle and Haiku) and alternative product groups, to lead up to a Women’s Day celebration of a different kind on March 8, 2016. In a first of its kind event, we took the conversations to the streets to help understand and explain that #MenstruationMatters.

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