CodeRed is an initiative, by 4 students from The National University of Advanced Legal Studies- Kochi (NUALS), which seeks to provide underprivileged women and girls with eco-friendly sanitary napkins. It’s a step towards providing basic hygiene which is a  fundamental right of every woman as well as getting rid of the taboo associated with menstruation. This initiative which started as a personal effort to help out such women took a bigger shape when it got a name and a few well-wishers. Now, CodeRed has a few like-minded volunteers and through this initiative we have been providing aid to four orphanages which comprises an approximate number of 135 girls and women.  We hope to expand this  initiative to help as many women as possible.

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Call For Volunteers

We invite people with genuine interest to deliver sanitary napkins to the identified institutions in and around Kochi once a month who are comfortable travelling to close-by areas. Passion and conviction are indispensable for this as we expect voluntary participation without remuneration, however travelling costs shall be covered in exceptional circumstances.

Write to us at:

Team CodeRed:

  1. Ayushi Dangre
  2. Pritishree Dash
  3. Sara Fathima
  4. Bhavna AF