Talk Period

Download Talk Period: Brochure here.

Talk Period is a collaborative programme by The Red Cycle and Haiku which expects to impart knowledge related to menstruation among school/college students. We are also receiving support for this endeavour from the Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College- Kozhikode.


The classes are given for all genders and the intention is to deal with any kind of gender stereotypes. The topics we address during the session are:

  1. About the biological process and it’s importance.
  2. Encourage menstrual hygiene and use of sustainable, safe and eco-friendly alternative menstrual hygiene practices.
  3. Against taboos, social stigmas, misconceptions around menstruation and against commoditisation of the biological process.
  4. To increase the confidence and competence amongst girls dealing with the period.
  5. Need of proper disposal mechanism for soiled menstrual hygiene products.
  6. Men’s and Boys’ involvement in Menstrual Hygiene Management.
  7. Pros and Cons of all existing menstrual hygiene practices.

The Red Cycle and Haiku are initiatives without any intention of profit making. We only need our travelling expenses to be reimbursed. As we said earlier, along with knowledge-sharing, action is also part of our plan. So, any little contribution towards our Community Service Projects are also welcome.

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(PS: We do not represent or advocate usage of any branded menstrual hygiene product.)

Sreya Mariyam Salim
Programme Manager – The Red Cycle