Talk Period

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Issues associated with menstruation are never discussed openly and the silence surrounding menstruation burdens young girls by keeping them ignorant of this biological function. Even after the attainment of menarche, very little information is given to young girls about the physiological processes involved and the hygienic practices to be followed. Overall the absence of menstrual hygiene management in the policy debate and hence in investments and action, is striking. This points to a glaring need to highlight this issue in the policy debate together with practical work on what adolescent girls and women require to manage their menstrual needs in terms of materials, education and facilities for management and disposal. Gender sensitivity in health, hygiene and sanitation needs of women and adolescent girls is a critical input required to be integrated in the governments health, sanitation and education programmes. It is the right of an adolescent girl or a boy to get a scientific knowledge about physical, physiological changes, behavioral and emotional changes. Menstruation is a  natural and physiological process. It is not a disease!

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Talk Period is a collaborative programme by The Red Cycle and Haiku. Through this programme we expect to impart knowledge related to menstruation among school/college students. We are also receiving support for this endeavour from the Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College- Kozhikode.

The Red Cycle and Haiku are social initiatives. However, the effort and time spent for the cause need to be acknowledged. As we mentioned before, along with knowledge-sharing, action is also part of our plan. Therefore, any little contribution towards our Projects are also welcome.